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The Chappaqua PTA sends its love and condolences to the Corwin family.  Joan Corwin was a leader, a friend and a fierce advocate for the safety of children.  Thank you, Joan, for shepherding our children through the years, from tiny kindergarteners who need a hand up that first step onto the big bus to the high schoolers ready to step out into the world beyond Chappaqua.  Your kind, strong and steadying hand will be deeply missed here in Chappaqua.



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Last week the Chappaqua PTA sponsored National Inclusive Schools Week (NISW) again this year to celebrate our district's commitment to a more inclusive community. Our committee was overwhelmed by the support of the CCSD administration, teachers, staff, PTA volunteers, outside speakers and performers who all helped with diverse programs (listed below) and many activities that highlight the importance of inclusion for everyone It really takes a village! 


Although NISW 2018 ended, the Chappaqua PTA, through our Chappaqua Reads - Chappaqua Includes initiative, will continue to sponsor activities throughout the school year.  Stay tuned!  The conversation on inclusion and empathy continues....


Monday, Dec. 3 Addy and Uno: An Off-Broadway family musical about disability, friendship and kindness 1st and 2nd Grade
Wednesday, Dec. 5 Just Call me Geri - Inspirational speaker Geri Mariano talks about the many physical, emotional and social challenges she faces as a person with diastrophic displaysia Bell 6th Grade
Thursday, Dec. 6 Tourette Associations of America's Youth Ambassador Program - students talk to peers about living with Tourette and Tic Disorders Bell & Seven Bridges 5th Grade
Thursday, Dec. 6 Skype interview with Cece Bell, author of El Deafo, lead by Mrs. Paradiso, Grafflin Global Learning Center Grafflin - Mrs. Ottman's Class
Friday, Dec. 7 Greeley Ambassador's Club hosts a screening of Intelligent Lives, a documentary created by Dan Habib, film maker, parent of a disabled child and civil rights advocate for people with disabilities Greeley - open to all students


If you have any feedback, please send an email to Chappaquaptaspecialeducation@gmail.com.


If you've enjoyed El Deafo and want to read more books featuring diverse characters facing disability, learning differences and challenges, check out this great list.


 CPTA Special Ed Committee Recommended Reading List


Enjoying El Deafo

Check out this great guide created by the

Chapppaqua Library!

El Deafo Discussion Guide


What did you think about the book, overall? Did you like, love or hate it?

What did you think of the title of the book (and Cece’s superhero name)?

Why do you think Cece liked dreaming about being a superhero? What would YOUR superpower be?

Cece thinks spending time with her pushy friend Laura is better than being lonely. What do you think?

Is there such a thing as a perfect friend?

How much of Cece's friendship experiences do you think was a function of her disability as opposed to her personality?

Cece does not react well to being taught sign language. Why do you think that was?

What were some of the things you learned about everyday struggles of the deaf, as shared by Cece?

Do you think you will interact differently with a deaf person now? How so, or why not?

Do you think Cece’s experience is reflective of most deaf people? How so, or why not?

Cece uses her hearing aid to eavesdrop on her teacher and help kids have fun; why do you think this is a defining moment for Cece?

What do you think this book teaches kids, both hearing and deaf, if anything?

Cece gets better at voicing her opinions by the end of the book. Why do think that happened?

Why do you think the author made Cece a bunny?

Here’s a fun clip of the author, Cece Bell: https://youtu.be/Cnj5STG0SZo

Thanks to Meriah Nichols for many of these questions: www.meriahnichols.com
Chappaqua Library 195 S. Greeley Avenue, Chappaqua NY 10514 914.23.4779 x3

November 14, 2018


Dear Chappaqua School District Families,


Happy Chappaqua Reads - Chappaqua Includes Book Distribution Day!  

Chappaqua Reads - Chappaqua Includes is a joint partnership of the Chappaqua PTA and the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival with support from the Chappaqua Library, the Chappaqua Central School District, Scattered Books and the New Castle Town Recreation Department.  It is a year-long celebration of empathy, inclusion and the love of reading.


Today, every family in Chappaqua with children in middle or elementary school will receive a copy of El Deafo by Cece Bell.  Unless you have chosen to opt out, please check your youngest child’s backpack for your family’s copy of the book!  Greeley Librarians will have 100 copies available for any high school students without younger siblings who would also like a copy.


El Deafo is a graphic memoir written by Cece Bell.  At age 4, Cece contracted meningitis which left her profoundly deaf.  The story follows Cece through her early years in school.  With humor and honesty, Cece Bell gives readers a look into her life, as she learns to live with, accept and finally find strength in her differences.


Every elementary school and middle school child will receive a “Find Cece” bookmark.  We encourage your kids to visit the businesses and shops in Chappaqua and Millwood to locate eight or more Cece cut-outs.  Instructions for the “Find Cece” Hunt can be found printed on the bookmark.


We hope everyone enjoys El Deafo.  As a graphic memoir, it is accessible to a wide range of readers.  However, new and emerging readers may need support.


If you would like to know more about this award winning novel, check out the Washington Post's El Deafo book review, Why Everyone Should Read This Graphic Memoir.  

Book distribution is just a small part of Chappaqua Reads - Chappaqua Includes.  We hope you saw the fantastic StoryWalk® created by the Chappaqua Library and presented in Gedney Park by the Town of New Castle Rec Department.  Programs and events are planned at the Chappaqua Library, in all schools in the Chappaqua Central School District, in town, and after school.   Please visit https://chappaquapta.membershiptoolkit.com/home for events and activities throughout the school year.


                                                                           Jessica Cadorine

                                                                          Chappaqua PTA President


The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. Storywalk® is a registered service mark owned by Ms. Ferguson.


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